Data distribution maps

Here you will find station maps of data in the ICES oceanographic databases. The maps show stations for either temperature and salinity profiles (t&S), nutrient stations, CTD stations or underway data in the area 25N to 80N; 100W to 80E.

The maps are divided into 3 categories: all stations, stations by country and stations by decade.
For each map you will also find a histogram showing the distribution of the stations either by decade or by country. E.g. the station map for nutrient data in the period 1990-1999 is associated with a histogram showing the country of origin for these data.

The histograms associated with the maps of all stations show the distributions of stations per country.

To request data from the database, please refer to Request data.

Station maps and histograms for all stations
PeriodT&S ProfilesNutrient stationsCTD stationsUnderway data
All stationsMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist

Station maps and histograms by decade
PeriodT&S ProfilesNutrient stationsCTD stationsUnderway data
All decadesMaps & histsMaps & histsMaps & histsMaps & hists
2020-29Map HistMap HistMap Hist 
2010-19Map HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
2000-09Map HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
1990-99Map HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
1980-89Map HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
1970-79Map HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
1960-69Map HistMap Hist Map Hist
1950-59Map HistMap Hist Map Hist
1940-49Map HistMap Hist Map Hist
1930-39Map HistMap Hist Map Hist
1920-29Map HistMap Hist Map Hist
1910-19Map HistMap Hist Map Hist
1900-09Map Hist  Map Hist
1890-99Map HistMap Hist Map Hist
1870-79Map Hist   

Station maps and histograms by country
CountryT&S ProfilesNutrient stationsCTD stationsUnderway data
All countriesMaps & histsMaps & histsMaps & histsMaps & hists
OceanWeatherShipMap HistMap Hist Map Hist
USMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
UKMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
TurkeyMap HistMap Hist  
SwedenMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
USSRMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
SpainMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
RussiaMap HistMap HistMap Hist 
RomaniaMap HistMap Hist  
PortugalMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
PolandMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
NorwayMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
NetherlandsMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
MonacoMap Hist   
MadagascarMap HistMap Hist  
LithuaniaMap HistMap Hist  
LatviaMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
ItalyMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
IcelandMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
IrelandMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
IndonesiaMap Hist Map Hist 
GermanyMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
GreeceMap HistMap HistMap Hist 
FranceMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
FinlandMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
EstlandMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
E.GermanyMap HistMap HistMap Hist 
DenmarkMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
CubaMap Hist   
CanadaMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
BelgiumMap HistMap HistMap HistMap Hist
ArgentinaMap Hist Map Hist 
AngolaMap HistMap Hist  
Unknown   Map Hist


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