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What is ROSCOP?
ROSCOP (Report of Observations/Samples collected by Oceanographic Programmes) was conceived by IOC in the late 1960s in order to provide a low level inventory for tracking oceanographic data collected on Research Vessels etc. The ROSCOP form was extensively revised in 1990, and was re-named the CSR (Cruise Summary Report), but the name ROSCOP still persists because of its love-hate relationship with many marine scientists. Most marine disciplines are represented in ROSCOP, including physical, chemical, and biological oceanography, fisheries, marine contamination/pollution, and marine meteorology. Cruise locations are indicated by Marsden squares and IHB Sea Areas. Marsden squares can be viewed from Map of NE Atlantic only or listed in CSV format for whole globe. Parameters are defined using ROSCOP Parameter Codes.
ICES published ROSCOP forms received from many of its member countries for many years, but the shear volume necessitated first a publication in microfiche, then in 1994 the collection was digitised, and this remains the principal means of disseminating this information.
ICES also uses its digitised Roscop files as its medium for holding "metadata" concerning its data holdings.

What is available?
ROSCOP data for most research cruises conducted in the North Atlantic area since the 1960s are available from this page. In addition to the digitised forms, supporting software to allow selection of forms in accordance with user-defined criteria is available below. This software can only be run from PCs.


  • ROSEARCH - this is your tool to make extractions and prepare reports from the data set. Retrieve and unpack and then install by running setup. NB! This program requires at least Windows 95® and an HTML Browser.
  • ROSWIN - If you wish your cruise(s) to be included in the ICES Roscop database you may use this form entry utility (or you may ask us for forms, or download images of the form (see below). Retrieve and unpack and then install by running setup. NB! This program requires Windows® 3.1 or later version.

ROSCOP Submission forms (Hard Copy)
A form-filled ROSCOP form is also available as a Word Document

SeaDataNet Cruise Summary Report (CSR) Submission form
An online CSR/ROSCOP submission form is also available on the Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH) website here. This allows new CSRs to be submitted in the SDN CSR XML schema.