Data Request

Please check our online data collections. If none of these meet your needs, you may request data by submitting the following information to

  • Time Period.
  • Latitude/Longitude limits.
  • Parameters (temperature, salinity, oxygen, total phosphorus, phosphate, total nitrogen, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, silicate, hydrogen sulphide, pH, alkalinity and chlorophyll a).
  • Observation depths (e.g. surface/bottom/profile/high resolution CTD).
  • Processed data including gridded data (specify grid interval and depth interval). Although we may not have all products at present, we are most interested in knowing your needs.
  • Intended use of the data.

Data are delivered in a simple comma separated text file (.csv) compatible with most data processing software including Ocean Data View. Data are normally compressed and made available from our ftp server.