Overflow '60

Overflow '60 was an ICES investigation of cold, sub-arctic, deep water overspill into the North Atlantic Ocean from the Iceland-Faroe Ridge. It was desigend as a corollary to the Polar Front Survey investigations of the International Geophysical Year, and was carried out from 30 May to 18 June 1960, under the leadership of Dr J. B. Tait.

Overflow '60 was an optimal coordination of 9 research ships in a small region to reach a maximum of synoptic work. It was also an optimal intensification of measurements with the same methods, and it was generally regarded as the starting point of current measurements in deep water by self-recording anchored instruments. A complete overview of the results of this expedition have been published by ICES in Rapports et Proces-Verbaux des Reunions, Vol 157. This may be purchased from ICES at a cost of 75 DKK + pp.

The Overflow '60 dataset is freely available as a compressed comma separated file.

A summary list of the oceanographic profile data collected during Overflow '60 which indicates its availability in the ICES Data Bank, is given below:

IOCShipDate# of Bottles# of CTD's# at ICES
06Anton Dohrn30 May to 18 Jun 60119 119#
06Gauss30 May to 17 Jun 60114 114#
46Maria Julia30 May to 18 Jun 60193 193#
58Helland Hansen30 May to 17 Jun 60111 111#
58Johan Hjort30 May to 20 Jun 60182 182#
74Discovery II31 May to 15 Jun 6065 65#
74Ernest Holt30 May to 17 Jun 60120 120#
74Explorer30 May to 17 Jun 60115 115#
90Perseus II30 May to 18 Jun 6096 96#