Baltic Sea Monitoring data

ARH160051 Statistics

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ParameterNo. of
No. of
years with data
Timeseries plotSeasonal Surface Mean
Chlorophyll a121 - -
pH121 - -
Total Nitrogen121 - -
Ammonium121 - -
Nitrate121 - -
Silicate121 - -
Total Phosphorus121 - -
Phosphate121 - -
Salinity106023 Jan + Feb MeanSeasonal Mean and
Temperature106223 Jan + Feb MeanSeasonal Mean and
Dissolved Oxygen106524 Jan + Feb MeanSeasonal Mean and
Total count3283 --
The table shows the different parameters measured on this HELCOM station in the first column. The second and third column lists the total number of measured values and the number of years for which the parameter has been measured. If there is data (winter values) in two or more years, the fourth column contains a link to a smoothed timeseries plot of the winter values. If there is data in the last 10 years, the fifth column contains a link to a seasonal mean plot of data since 1979. You can choose which year (last 10 years) you want to plot together with the mean. Only years with data appears in the comboboxes.

The plot(s) below shows the data density i.e. the number of measurements per year of each parameters vs. time.

Station map