Baltic Sea Monitoring data

View and download data from fixed and non-fixed HELCOM stations

FOE-B01 DMU_443 DMU_1004 FYN_6700053 FOE-BMP FOE-B03 FOE-B13 DMU_935 KBH_431 OMMVZBG18 FOE-B12 OMGBO OMREGION_1 FOE-B04 L_A_MIDDELGRUND KBH_1728 DMU_427 DMU_418 VSJ_20925 STR_0901016 FYN_6300043 DMU_547 DMU_441 OMTF0211 E_W_FLADEN NJY_KATTEGAT_6 NJY_409 NJY_40302 DMU_922 DMU_905 DMU_1001 DMU_1008 DMU_1007 BY1 BY2 BY5 BY7 OMTF0255 BY10 BY15 F80 LL23 OMTF0240 BY38 BY39 OMTF0200 BY11 OMTF0285 LL17 LL13 LL11 LL7 LL19 OMTF0283 OMTF0242 OMTF0270 LL5 ROS_60 DMU_413 DMU_403 FYNSED1 ARH170006 DMU_952 DMU_921 DMU_D3 FOE-B02 HBP215 BY32 BCSIII10 FOE-B15 OMBMPK5 FOE-BS1 N14_FALKENBERG PL-P116 ODER OMTF0103 OMTF0102 OMBMPK8 F69 OMBMPL1 OMO22 OMTF0212 OMTF0221 BY27 LL12 OMTF0140 LL15 LL3A 2 14 121 119 135 142 121A 137A EESTILUOTO F64 F18 F2 SR5 F26 US2 F9 F3___A5 UUS-23 SR7 SR1A US3 RR5 BO3 US5B F16 LL9 POME_276_HYLKIRIUTTA_LO MS4 K-B_KOKKOLAN_EDUSTA KAS-11 IU7 LSU-11 UUS-10A LAP-4 PRAN_310_TRUUTIN_PAUHA HAILUODON_ED_INT.ASEMA LOS-15 KAS-1 LSU-19 LOS-21 KAS-8A C3_NORTH BY9 L9 FOE-B4A KA4 N13 KA5
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The map shows the HELCOM stations with the selected minumum number of measurements listed in the ICES station dictonary.

Narrow the number of stations shown on the map by entering a lower limit for the amount of available data on the station, and by selecting which parameter the criteria shall be applied to. Click 'redraw' to update the map.
Click on a station to get statistical information, view timeseries and seasonal plots.
Data are available to download by station or as a complete dataset, read the ICES data policy for conditions.

Download complete dataset: (1900-2017)
The complete dataset and station datasets are available in comma separated format (.csv) and zipped with winzip.