ICES Oceanographic Data Management Software
File Description Software for extracting Cruise Summary Reports (Windows 95® or later)
rosearch.exe As above, but executable only (DIY installation) Windows 95® or later) Software for preparing Cruise Summary Reports for submission to ICES (Windows 95® or later)
ODB1 Software used in ICES Secretariat to manage ICES Oceanographic Data Bank (Windows 95® or later) ICES to CSV Format Converter (part of ODB1) - executable only IOC Ocean_PC Dos oceanographic data management software - Installation required. (basically DOS version of ODB)
ocean_pc.pdf IOC documentation describing above IOC software
WOD01-IC This DOS program converts the data in the WDCA's Ocean Climate Laboratory ASCII format on the World Ocean Database CD-ROM collection to ICES format which then can be further processed using the ODB1 data management suite available above. Download the zip file and unzip the two files (wod01-ic.exe and WOD1SHIP.DAT) into the same directory.